Snow Boot Round Up: 7 Must have Boots for your Winter Vacation

Winter Boot Round

Without a doubt the hardest part about adapting to Colorado was the incorporation of  snow boots into my closet. Let’s put it in perspective, I am a California girl, and a HERMOSA BEACH girl at that. We are not talking nor cal people, we are talking beach and sand and rainbow sandals and walks on the beach in December. When I moved to Denver I had no idea that temperatures would drop to a balmy – 2 on a regular occurrence. I had no idea that my token pair of Hunter rain boots  ( that came out once a year in LA) would not do the trick, or that in reality , Uggs really don’t cut it when you are experiencing a blizzard… or when having to make the dreaded trek from your car to the door with a pond of ice laughingly begging you to fall like the uncoordinated klutz you are,  you will be begging for a shoe with a strong, sturdy soul with plenty of tread to keep you from looking like a two year old on ice skates.

Despite my initial distain for the duck boot, I have come to love and heavily depend upon how faithfully they keep me warm ( and from falling everywhere) throughout the snowy months. If you are visiting any frigid climate this season, I cannot stress enough how essential it is to add one ( or in my case three) of these boots to your collection. I am currently DEEPLY MADLY PASSIONATELY IN LOVE with the LL Bean Boot, if only they weren’t on back order until next winter *sigh*

Take a peak at my current round up of the chicest snow boots to hit the mountains this season.

Winter Boot Round up


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