{ Weddings } The Best Las Vegas Elopement

There are some days I feel like I am pretty bad ass. Usually this bad ass moment occurs when I am sitting in my backyard under the sun, a cocktail in hand, dogs at my feet, and my hot husband by my side. Then there are days I stumble upon something so earth shatteringly cool that I look down at my J crew T,  Subaru, and Corporate 9-5 and cringe at how “normal” of a life we lead over here in the Gracis household. Not that normal is necessarily a bad thing per say, but the ghost of my very cool adolescent self might be label me a bit of a “phony” in the Salinger sense of the word.

When I was younger, I found so much beauty in the grand details that set one’s self apart. As we grow older, we lose so much of that fearlessness we once possessed. This Las Vegas Elopement  captures so much of the fun that can be lost along the way to adulthood.


Call it a quarter life crisis. Call it a need to spice up the routine. I am calling this bride pure inspiration.

After these photos, I am simultaneously fighting the urge to run off to Vegas for wedding number 2 while seriously considering adding some fun back into my life via colored hair. Think I can pull of the Nicole Richie look?



Images Via: Rock N Roll Bride

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