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As we approach our 6th month anniversary, we have finally nailed down the location of our next vacation. Coming up with a location was no easy task for someone with a terrible case of wanderlust, itineraries of Prague, Budapest, Croatia, and Greece danced wildly though my imagination. But after a whirlwind honeymoon, followed by immediately moving into our 1st house, and renovations that seem like they will never end, a vacation filled with trains, boats, and flights seems anything less than ideal for my dear Gracis.  As much as it pains me to admit it, he is right. With the chaos we currently have going on in our life, a beach vacation, no trains, required seems like a much more logical choice. So we have settled one a week and a half in glorious Playa del Carmen, room complete with a private pool, beach access, and plenty of romance. This trip just so happens to perfectly falls in line with our 1 year anniversary. Which has me thinking… vow renewal?

If you have spent any time around me or any time diving into this blog, it should come as no surprise to you that I am wedding obsessed. I dream of having multiple weddings in my lifetime ( yes, all to Gracis), and I have at least 3 fully planned out in my mind’s eye… Hello Vegas, Aspen, and Santorini ! What, a girl can dream can’t she? But with our new found travel plans, I see a light airy dress of lace, a bouquet of succulents and vivid flowers of orange and blue, and the man I fell in love with when I was only 22 waiting for me barefoot in the sand.

After a late night Pinterest binge, I couldn’t help but be inspired by these images and truthfully I have started planning out wedding number dos… even if it is just in my imagination.

 Mexican Wedding Inspiration-wedding veil-allaboutthedetails.comMexican Wedding Inspiration- Spanish succulent ranunculus peach coral bridal bouquet-allaboutthedetails.comMexico Wedding -Red Dress 1-allaboutthedetails.comMexico Wedding Inspiration-Bridal Bouquet -allaboutthedetails.comMexico Wedding Inspiration-allaboutthedetails.comMexican Bridal Bouquet succulents Wedding IdeasMexico Wedding Inspiration-flower Crown-Allaboutthedetails.com

While this is still just a dream… lets just say I still have to let Gracis into my little plan… a girl has to start somewhere right?



Images Via: The Knott Photography by Beautiful Day Photography //  Style Me Pretty Photography by Life Wonders Photography – Dorota Jamal // Green Wedding Shoes Photography by This Modern Romance // A Lovely Workshop by Elizabeth Messina Photography by Lindsay Madden // The Knott  // Burnettsboards.com Photography by Jason Tey Photography // Green Wedding Shoes Photography by This Modern Romance /  //  weddingthingz.com Photography by Jennifer Whalen

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