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All About The Details- Paris Anniversary Trip- Eiffle Tower in Spring
It seems like there has never not been a time that I have not been enamored with Paris. Growing up a ballet dancer, summer intensives consisted of ballet history filling my imagination with images of my older self clad in a sparkling Tutu twirling across the Paris Opera House’s stage. As a teenager dreaming of becoming a writer, I would read Hemingway, Pound, and Fitzgerald and fantasize what it would be like to live as an ex pat passing my days away consumed with my writing and my evenings with the excessive consumption of wine and food. I squealed with the rest of the women in the world when Big finally declared his love for Carrie on the Seine.

After what seems like a life time of dreaming it was finally my turn. With my very own Big (aka Gracis) by my side I made the trip across the ocean. What I discovered upon my arrival was that Paris is truly magic. Filled with more romance and beauty than I could have ever imagined, there is a reason why this city has captured the imagination of the world. Spending any amount of time in Paris teaches an American a few things.

One can never have enough black clothing. Carbs are not your enemy a sedentary life style is. You should always end your meal with a cappuccino and good conversation. Classics are classic for a reason- embrace them. Love your partner deeply. Life without passion is not worth living. Life is too short to not eat chocolate and drink a glass of wine each day.

Hand in hand Gracis and I spent a week strolling the streets of Paris embracing these lesson we indulged in more carbs and dairy than any human should ingest. Together, after truly emotional 1st year of marriage, in the most romantic city in the world we fell even more in love with each other.

Paris Mary Go Round- All about the details

Paris Crates All About The Details

Paris Park- All about the details.com

Paris Flowers- All About The Details.com

 We … cough *I* …planned this trip to coincide perfectly with our one year anniversary. As we rang in May 3rd in the city of lights, I couldn’t help but spend the evening in awe of the road that each of us has taken to get to this point in our life. This thing called marriage has truly been the most difficult and the most rewarding experience of my life. Surrounded by all of the pretty little details of Paris all of the pot holes over the past year simply melted away and all that was left was the peace of knowing I am exactly where I am meant to be, holding the hand of the man who is worth ever challenge.

Paris Love Lock Bridge- All About The Details


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