Three Great Cookbooks for Beginners


Growing up I imagined myself growing into a great many things, a business woman, an avid reader, a curator of a fabulous closet, a world traveler. Never did I imagine myself wearing an apron and being able to whip up a spectacular meal. My desire as a child to learn the culinary arts was non existent. While in High School, I rolled my eyes at my younger sister’s Christmas wish list begging Santa for William Sonoma apron, Rolling Pins, and Jelly Rolls. As a College Student I buried my nose in a book as my Grandma handed down the coveted family sauce recipe to everyone but me. In the whirl wind, fashion that our entire relationship took on, I moved in with Gracis at an expedited pace… after a whole 5 months of dating. I found myself a 23 year old girl, living with a boy for the first time, and having cooking skills that spanned a whole two recipes – an Omelet and Green Enchiladas. In true type A status, I embarked on a new mission fueled by Pinterest and the desire to impress Gracis, I would teach myself how to cook.

As I created my Thanksgiving menu, and memorized best Turkey basting practices, I found myself reflecting on and smiling at that girl who would spend Sunday mornings at the Barnes and Noble on 3rd in Santa Monica armed with an iphone  stealthily shooting off pictures ( Don’t judge me I was 23 and poor) in a desperate attempt to learn. Which cookbooks should I spend my hard earned commission checks on tortured my subconscious. I must admit, I bought several duds, but I also became a star pupil of others.

The Three Best Cookbooks for Beginners – or at least the ones that taught me to cook

The Smitten Kitchen

I have to admit the 1st recipe I ever snapped up on my Sunday study sesh was the Tomato scallion shortcakes with whipped goat cheese- I am just going to let those words sink in for a minute- I went back the next week and immediately and purchased it, yes from an actual book store, because I was so in love. I have since formed an un breakable bond with Deb Perelman ( although she might not know it yet) I truly fell in love with cooking as a result of her approachable recipes.

The Sprouted Kitchen

What started as an inspired food blog highlighting wholesome, fresh, seasonal ingredients has become on of my most beloved cookbooks. There’s quite a bit of upfront in the book where it goes over cooking basics, ingredient information, etc., so it takes a bit to get to the recipes but for a kitchen novice like myself, it was all information I welcomed with open arms. With over 100 recipes ranging from breakfast, to happy hours, and pictures to lovingly guide you along the way, I cannot speak highly enough of this healthy and inspired cookbook.

The Newlywed Cook Book

This is a more recent purchase, I stumbled upon it at a small bookstore in  the mountains, a week after Gracis and I got engaged. I simply knew it was a sign and swooped it up that instant. I believe that so much of my love of cooking is rooted in the experience and the memories of Gracis and I with a bottle of wine laughing and chatting our way through the recipe at hand. This book embraces that ideology. With over 130 recipes, there are plenty of memories to be made over this book. So much more than simply a guide on how to cook, think of it as a guide to creating domestic bliss.



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