Our Thanksgiving Table

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This is my 1st year hosting Thanksgiving dinner, and if we are being honest, it has consumed my mind and energy for far longer than I would like to admit. While Gracis and some of our other guests have repeatedly told me that a pretty table doesn’t matter, to me it is everything and I have been on the search for the perfect tablescape on a major budget. Okay maybe it is not everything but a good table really sets the mood for the evening, and this is a big evening… MY FIRST THANKSGIVING PEOPLE… When we were registering for our wedding registry the best piece of advice I received was “Register like you are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner” Although I never thought it would be this year, I carefully followed the advice. When I envisioned my future Thanksgiving table it was  a classical ascetic. This desire led me to register for elegant everyday plates that could be mixed and matched with  basic enough to be a kitchen staple, but with enough personality to really give it that wow factors. I personally cannot wait to bring out this serving bowl, one of my favorite wedding gifts, for that added pop. 

Thanksgiving Table- allaboutthedetails.com -1- Thanksgiving Table- allaboutthedetails.com -2-.jpg  Thanksgiving Table- allaboutthedetails.com -4-.jpg Thanksgiving Table- allaboutthedetails.com -5-.jpg Thanksgiving Table- allaboutthedetails.com -7-

Using my everyday plates and flatware, while utilizing my white paper pumpkins and autumn leaves purchased for Halloween. I only had to add a few key festive accent pieces- que the Turkeys- and a set of linen napkins ( totaling a whole $33 dollars). Overall, I am really happy with how it turned out… now back to studying Turkey Basting Techniques!

Wish Me Luck !

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