{ Recipe } Mini Strawberry Cheese Cake

{ Recipe } Mini Strawberry Cheese Cake -allaboutthedetails.com-5

This marks Gracis and my 4th New Years Eve together, and what a whirl wind these past years have been. Usually we opt for the big, crazy, over the top celebrations. We have done it all Vegas New Years, Aspen New Years, and last year a crazy over the top Gatsby themed party in a fancy lounge . This year the idea of getting dressed and dealing with hordes of people just didn’t sound appealing. With such a crazy busy year, I fancy the idea of being locked up in my cozy ( see warm) house and reminiscing about 2014 with the one person who experienced it all with me.

With a Menu of Speciality Cocktails, Tomato Scallion Biscuits, Lobster tails, and a Speciality Shrimp and Goat Cheese Pasta I will be lucky if I make it to the new year without suddenly developing a severe case of lactose intolerance ! But seriously what is a nice dinner without an equally decadent dessert? I made these mini Cheese Cakes from Cooking Classy last year for Grant’s birthday and to say they were a hit would be the understatement of 2014. While I generally stick to her measurements, I found in a few cases a little more butter and Sugar was simply a must for my overactive sweet tooth! I simply substituted 1/4 of a stick of  butter more on the gram cracker crust and added a Tablespoon of sugar to the strawberry sauce.

{ Recipe } Mini Strawberry Cheese Cake -allaboutthedetails.com-2Recipe-Mini Strawberry Cheese Cake -allaboutthedetails.com-1{ Recipe } Mini Strawberry Cheese Cake -allaboutthedetails.com-3{ Recipe } Mini Strawberry Cheese Cake -allaboutthedetails.com-4

I cannot wait to dive into these as we remember all of the amazing things we were blessed to experience this year. What are your plans for the big night?



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