Re-styling Our Bar Cart

   Bar Cart Restyle- Bar cart Revamp-

It is no secret how much I adore a good cocktail. I believe happy hour is a lost art and in the Gracis household I do my best to re-create the magic every chance I get. Regardless of if it is a Thursday evening spent just the two of us chatting about our week or a handful of close friends stopping in to watch the big game. There is something about having a really well stocked bar that eases my entertaining anxieties, knowing that at a moment’s notice I can whip up anything from a martini to a margarita and everything in between at the whim of my houseguests eases my mind and allows me to focus on just being present. That being said, my upstairs bar cart has become a bit of a hot mess and while I am loving the function of having every bottle on hand, it could use a bit of a style revamp … and for all of you wondering yes, I say “my” because we also have a second bar in the man cave armed with growlers of locally brewed beer and bottles of fireball fill those shelves… they don’t call it a man cave for no reason!

bar cart restyle- bar cart

Bar Cart Restyle- - barcart style barcart-Bar Cart Restyle- Bar cart

After looking at these impeccably styled bar carts, I can’t help but be on a hunt for a few organizational tools… lucite trays anyone?

What are some of your favorite ways to style a bar cart?

Images Via: Style By Emily Henderson // The Every Girl // Waiting on Martha // Country Living //Gal Meets Glam

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