Paris Packing Inspiration

Paris Inspiration 2

From my earliest memories as a child I recall day dreaming of Paris. Running through the Paris Zoo, with a ridiculously over the top hat- I dreamt I was Madeline causing all types of trouble. During exhausting Ballet rehearsals that dominated my adolescents I dreamed of dancing in Paris. When I met Gracis we would  go on a hike every saturday and we would take turns talking about places we wanted to travel  together. His go to was Thailand and other exotic adventures where we could take part in daring activities that would make all of his hockey buddies green with envy… you know taking a shot of snakes blood and other boy ish fantasies. My travel dreams couldn’t be more opposite and were always hopelessly romantic. I remember once telling him I simply wanted to walk hand in hand towards the Eiffel Tower soaking in the place that had once so frequently dominated my dreams.

In just about two months, Gracis and I will be celebrating our one year wedding anniversary hand in hand walking towards the Eiffel Tower. This is my second trip to Europe ( my 1st being our honeymoon last year)  With the trip approaching so quickly, I can’t help but find myself consumed with all things Paris.. really have you seen my Wanderlust Board lately… I ardently believe that packing for a trip like this must be inspired .  After all, each precious day I am in France I will be creating life long memories with the boy who stole my heart away… and really who wants to look back on our 10th wedding anniversary and shake your head as you say, “ Well that was an amazing day but really what the hell was I thinking with that getup.” No ma’m I for one take my packing very seriously, and these are a few of the pretty little things that are inspiring my packing list.

Paris Packing Inspiration



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