{Packing List } An Aspen Christmas

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. As kids, we celebrated with morning walks along the beach hand in hand with our grandparents, watching the surfers dressed as Santa. As amazing as a beach Christmas is, there really is nothing in the entire world like a white Christmas. My first white Christmas happened just three years ago. I had flown in Christmas morning to meet Grant and his family in Co. It was a surreal experience, waking up in sunshine and celebrating Christmas with salt air to boarding a plane and stepping off into winter wonderland. It was my first real winter experience, and I spent the entire week in childlike awe.  As I scramble around the house attempting to get the presents wrapped, countless loads of laundry washed and packed, and the puppies ready to head to Grandma and Grandpa’s the magic of an Aspen Christmas is almost lost to the hustle and bustle of getting there.

One thing that has become easier over the years is how to pack for a Mountain Christmas. It is a delicate blend between warmth and fashion. How much fur is too much fur? Is there such a thing as too much plaid? All valid questions one needs to navigate for your Mountain getaway.

Aspen Packing List- Around Town-allaboutthedetails.com

1. Cape : A heavy fashionable coat or cape is everything. From walking around town looking for last minute gifts to warming  up after your morning ski runs. A Good coat is the most important investment you can make.

2 & 3. Thick Knitted Sweaters: There is something so cozy about being wrapped up in a heavy knitted sweater, fire roaring and hot coco in hand. The perfect sweater offers an effortless chic that is 100% ski town.

4.  Winter Boots: I used to think duck boots were the biggest fashion misstep ever, then you get to winter wonderland an you realize not only is the pretty white stuff cold,  it is also wet, and slippery. Embrace the duck.

5. Scarves:  I used to think the a good scarf just added a pop to your outfit. Well one step off your tarmac and into the mountains and you will quickly realize that scarf is a neccisity nothing gives you chills to the bone than being caught in a snow storm and having that tiny spot on the back of your neck exposed.

6 &7. Hats:  From ski mountain, to lunch date, to walking the dogs, to walking to and from dinner- there is never a time a warm hat is not welcomed… ever. Oh you are afraid of hat hair? Have you seen what snow hair looks like? A far scarier thought…

8. Leather Gloves:  You will never believe how much the temps drop when the sun goes down. A pair of leather gloves could be the difference between life and frost bitten death ( or at least in this LA girl’s mind).



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