Our Love Story

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The hubby and I are getting ready to board a plane for LA.  We haven’t been home since our wedding, so you can imagine how excited I am to have the Santa Monica sunshine on my skin! Family, beaches, friends, and USC Football, are a few of my favorite things in life. USC Football season holds a special place in my heart, and as dorky as this sounds, I am so excited to start my first season off as MRS GRACIS (sorry people I am still in the honeymoon stage give me a break) no more friend, girlfriend, fiancé titles for me! This trip has me a bit nostalgic.  I figured  what is more fitting as I get ready to jet off to the place that brought us together than a little Thursday love story.

May 23rd 2011 I walked down a musty hallway that stunk of corporate America, I knew my life was about to change, but little did I realize how I  would be walking into the rest of my life. I was 22, a week out of College and ready to take on the world. Finding the man I was going to marry was the last thing on my mind, I needed to change the world first.  The moment I walked into my first day of work, I was hooked.

 For the next several months we worked together both initially trying to keep our distance but despite our best efforts random lunches turned into everyday lunches. Once a week happy hours turned into dinners, and I slowly began to realize there was more to Gracis than just his looks and party boy persona. Quickly he became my best friend, and then my work Husband. Monday conversations evolved from the mundane, “what did you did this weekend” conversations, to laughing about something that had occurred during our weekend adventures.

One Friday he threw a paper clip at me from across the room, “I am taking you to the Stanford game this weekend” he appeared strangely nervous of her reaction, and rather than teasing him about his shakey hands, I simply said “okay.”

I spent the day with his parents, and his college friends laughing, drinking beer, and cheering on our beloved Trojans among a sea of Cardinal and Gold . USC lost the game but I  had gained a new understanding of who Gracis really was. I  had seen the real Grant Gracis, and not simply the class clown office facade he used to get through the tiresome work days. To be blunt,  I fell madly in love with Gracis that day. That night they had conversations about their future lives, and Grant simply said “If you are not married by the time you are 25 I am going to marry you.”

May 3rd 2014,  just about five months past my 25th bday, and three years from the day I first laid eyes on this hottie I became Mrs Gracis.

Image from our University of Southern California engagement shoot// Photographer Norris Photo