My Healthy Living Challenge

Health Challenge

I have long since been obsessed with Design Love Fest (if you aren’t an avid reader- you can thank me after spending a few hours trolling the site ) but lately I have been finding a very different sort of weekly inspiration. Bri and the girls recently  have embarked on a health and fitness challenge and it has really given me some new found motivation. Before we jetted off to Europe in May, I had become a crazy heath fanatic. In retrospect, it wasn’t so much about the health as me wanting to be as thin as possible for all of those inevitable photos I would be taking. I was a crazy woman. We are talking two a day work outs and an “approved” food list that could hardly fill up a post it. My food deprivation definitely got the best of me in Europe and I went a little crazy.  Since being home, I have definitely reigned myself in, but my habits could use a little kick in the butt.

Enter wedding season.  With several friends’ weddings quickly approaching, I figured what better time then to really evaluate my health and fitness routine, and start cutting out some detrimental habits then now. Granted, while I do not have the pressure I had on me during last wedding season… hello hangry bridzilla from hell… no one wants to look and feel less than their best on such a special occasion. Taking a queue from Bri, I have decided to begin my very own fitness challenge. For the next 8 weeks, I will be focusing on my health. With this challenge I will be less obsessive with “good vs bad” foods and try my best to forget the need to see a certain number on that scale. My ideal take away after these 8 weeks is creating a life style change. Health and fitness is such an integral part of one’s overall well being, that we would be insane to not take a step back and re-evaluate it every once and a while. Wish me luck… I really am going to miss the excessive wine *sigh*


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