Mountain Chic { SnowBoard Fashion}

It’s our first official morning in waking up in winter wonderland. There is something that must be said about waking up in a sleepy snow covered ski town, that is unlike anything you ever experienced. As I lay here preparing for our day on the slopes, I can’t help but smile at the girl who 3 Holidays ago, thought she could snow board… well maybe I could for LA standards… and got a rude awakening the 1st time her fiancé took her to a Colorado mountain. I have come a log way since that painful day. Moving to Colorado, marrying an Aspen Native, and a year of lessons has a way of teaching you to stay on the board… even when you are screaming profanities because you are going way faster than you can control. From toe side to what to wear on the mountain, I have studied it all and while I might not be able to help you perfect your form I can get you geared up well enough so you can fake it till you make it 🙂

For me, time on the slopes is only 1/2 of the fun. Hitting the lodge bar or a bar at the bottom of the mountain for a beer with my Gracis is so much of the winter experience. It is important to be able to easily shed layers and look put together enough to waltz into water bar/ store your post slope day might take you. For this I always layer a comfy pair of leggings under my snow pants. I also always have a fun pair of snow boots to save my feet from those restrictive snowboard boots. Re-braid your hair put on a later of lipstick and you are ready to take on any Apres Ski activity that might come your way


1. Oakley Goggle

2. Roxy  FAST TIMES Jacket in Hot Coral 

3. Capita Birds of a Feather SnowBoard

4.  Nike Vapen Snowboard Boot     

5. The North Face Freedom Pants



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