Love Links: I work 4 Jobs, Finding Balance, and My Girl Crush on Blake Lively

Love Links- Balance-

Dear Face of the New Economy,

When I stumbled upon this article, I have 4 Jobs- Is this the New Normal?  was terrified, because I am her. Monday – Friday I spend 8 to 4 facilitating new client relationships at the Digital Agency I work for. Monday- Wed evenings I have a handful of standing students I tutor weekly in Social Studies, Language Arts, and English Comp. When they leave my house ( and Thursday and Friday and Saturday and sometimes Sunday), my macbook is brought out and the writing for Details begins and trails into the wee hours of the night. In a conversation with my Grandmother, a week ago, she was horrified, “ But Ash, when do you have time to be a wife?” My response, “Gaga, screw being a wife, when do I have time to be Ash?” My story is not unique, we are becoming the norm and although I fail in a few areas of my life everyday, I ( like you)  are doing the best I can in a new economic world that really doesn’t have the rules written out yet.

Dear Finding Balance,

My life is a great many things but balanced is not one of them. In case you lost count above, I currently have 3 jobs. Exhausted is an understatement. This article has me reassessing my current habits. As much as I wish I could say I have simply lost  balance due to unique circumstances that will pass, I know that is a lie. I simply set too many priorities in the first place. I battle feeling that I must do everything for everyone all the time- which leads to terrible feelings of failure. This has me questioning can balance ever really be achieved in today’s world? Or has it simply gone out the door with the ideal of working a 9-5?

Dear Blake Lively,

I  might be a little, okay a lot, obsessed with Preserve. The shop-able artisan magazine has me spinning into a shopaholic frenzy. The fact that Blake has been landing on the best dressed list while prancing around in the items on the site doesn’t hurt either. You might not be able to be Blake Lively ( which not so subtly means having Ryan Reynolds’ baby ) but at least we can dress like her and pretend. Mr UPS man cannot drop off my new Lyna top soon enough. Hey a girl can dream can’t she?



Image Via: Preserve

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