Love Links: Things I am Obsessing Over This Week


Dear Words to Live By, I found this fabulous print on one of my all time favorite blogs, Glitter Inc . Since then it has adorned my home office. On one of these rare moments where I have the house to myself, and I am able to write in 100% silence. I cannot help but reflect on all of the blessings in my life , and I wonder why I don’t head this advice more often.


Dear Floral Centerpieces, the moment I saw you on Style Me Pretty … aka the Wedding Bible … It made me want to marry Gracis all over again. Maybe for wedding #4  Because I obviously have weddings #2-3 fully planned out already


Dear Wonderlust, I have been dreaming of Paris from the moment mini Ashley saw the Eiffel Tower on TV. This day dream was amplified to a full out obsession the moment we stepped foot back on US soil from our perfect Italian Honeymoon. As a self proclaimed lit nerd, this top ten list has me dreaming of having a Whiskey with Hemingway… and I hate don’t even like Whiskey.

Love Links- Kyle-Chan

Dear Jr High Girl in all of us, after spotting this Kyle Chan Love Initial Necklace on Vanderpump Rule’s Ariana. It instantly took me back to the days growing up on the beach where a St Christopher necklace given by your boyfriend was the ultimate sign you were take. So, please Gracis? I will even let you slow dance with me 😉