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Happy Friday!  I am currently tucked away in my favorite Coffee Shop back home in warm and sunny LA. Although, I am seriously missing the hubs and the fur babes, being home is good for the soul. I have a full weekend of friends, family and a super fun baby shower celebrating a very special little girl’s arrival!

But enough about me… here are a few of the links I am loving from this past week.

Dear Girls Obsessed, You know you watched it last Sunday, I am talking about the ever so addicting HBO series Girls. I must say every time I indulge in my not so guilty pleasure that is Lena Dunham’s series I can’t help but fully identify with the characters each in specific ways. Although I might have the whole love life _ career thing a bit more polished at the point – there are so many themes that this 26 year old is trying to figure out… That being said it’s always fun to remember that your favorite characters are made up and this little expose brought to you by the Huffington Post lifted the curtain on the reality of our favorite foursome’s financial situation

Dear Amal Obsessed, I have said it before and I will say it over and over again- Amal Alamuddin Clooney can do no wrong. While I love the Golden Globes I couldn’t help but laugh at this gorgeous accomplished woman acting like she was at the High School prom a few years too late. In this piece by New York Mag you too can recap Mrs Clooney’s best moments last Sunday .

Dear Wedding Obsessed, If you know anything about me by now I am obsessed with weddings.. and within the wedding world I am obsessed with wedding photography. I am of the school of thought your wedding images should be featured as art for eternity… and while I will annoying whip out my phone to show any total stranger my facebook wedding album I think these 28 stunning wedding images might just slightly have mine beat

Happy Weekend!

Image Via: Live Santa Monica 

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