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I feel as if when we grow older our age can be measured by the complete lack of awareness of an upcoming birthday. Which is exactly what happened to us this week in the Gracis household. My darling husband turned the big 32 and I was left rushing around attempting to gather the necessary supplies to pull off a fabulous day. Which I think I accomplished just by the skin of my teeth. This weekend’s birthday getaway could not have come at at a better time. This wifey is in desperate need of some recharging.

Links I am loving this week Love Links-2

Dear Shop-a-holics, Be prepared to score some amazing deals with big event sale at ShopBop right now. 15% off orders of $250+ 20% off orders of $500+ 25% off orders of $1000. I felt  like a little kid on Christmas morning when I saw that the holy grail of clutch’s was included in the sale. If you are like any female on the universe I am sure you have spotted err lusted over this gorgeous Clare V Supreme Haircalf Fold Over Clutch… Take my lead dear readers and take the plunge she is even more gorgeous in person. Just don’t forget to use the code BIGEVENT15 at check out. Love Links-1

Dear Birthday Boy,

On Wednesday I had a near panic attack. Gracis’ bday was the next day and I had no idea what cake I would bake. Sure I hadn’t completely finalized the menu either but that was a baby detail in comparison to the cake. I mean what is a birthday without a home made cake… even if the birthday boy is turning 32. When I stumbled upon this home made funfetti recipe I instantly knew I was saved… because really you are never too old for sprinkles. Love Links-3

Dear Hopeless romantics,

Growing up most little girls dream of finding their very own fairy tale prince. Once in a blue moon there are real life connections that make any Disney Princess envious… and the way Johnny Cash loved June was one such love. This love letter he wrote his wife when she was 65 brought a tear to my eye and make a little secret wish that in 40 years Gracis will still look at me with the same sparkle in his eye he does today.

Happy Weekend!

Image of June and Johnny Via: Hello Giggles 

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