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Love links- Jan 9th

This week has been exhausting so as you can imagine Seeing Friday make an appearance has literally made me as giddy as a school girl. Maybe it’s because this Friday marks Gracis and my 3 year anniversary. While we have been dating for 3 years he has been in my life since I was 22 and in so many ways it feels like he was standing along side of me for my most formative years. So tonight when we are opening a nice bottle of wine and heading downtown for dinner and some live music. Then tomorrow we are heading to the mountains to forget we have jobs and a real life until Monday. How do you plan on spending your weekend?

Without further ado, here are some of the links I am loving this week

Dear Healthy Eating, This article about the average student’s lunch around the world had me really re-evaluating my own idea of “healthy eating”. I must say I tend to adhere to a pretty clean diet for the most part but there is definitely room for improvement. It always fascinates me what people feed their children, and this  really got me scratching my head wondering where Gracis and I would fall on this visual scale if we had a child.

Dear Office Inspiration, I have lusted over my fair share of office spaces- and Lord knows I have spent even more time perfecting my own home office – more on that next week ! But I have never seen an office space like this one! It is pure perfection with its sleek decor and pure genius with its mobile ability… also who doesn’t love a good Airstream? This has me seriously wishing I had some extra space in the backyard to really embrace the idea of having a creative space separate from the house .

Dear searching for the Fountain of Youth, I try my best to take quality care of my body- hey you only get one! But I do have to admit my skin care regime would be called basic at best. As I get older, I am becoming more concerned with how the effects of my daily life style are affecting my skin. These 10 steps to a fresher younger skin, really has got me thinking and acting on simple and not so simple steps I can start incorporating into my daily routine to keep me looking my best for years to come!

Happy Weekend!


Image Via: Restro Rennovation 

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