{Love Links } December 26th


Happy Friday! As I sit  here snuggled under a blanket by the fire place snow covered mountains outside my window. I am in awe of how amazing as this week has been *sigh* do I have to go back to reality on Monday? I choose not to think about it until Monday ! This weekend you can find me on the slopes with the hubby. Laughing and enjoying the remaining holiday week with my exceptionally loving in laws, and lazily wondering around town with my fur babes in tow. I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday week and are as excited as I am for this upcoming new year 🙂

Now a few of the links I am loving from this past week.

Dear Cocktail Aficionado, What is Pink and Peppermint and with a gingerbread sugar rim and 3 types of alcohol? My new favorite cocktail that’s what ! This Icy Peppermint “hot” Chocolate by A Fabulous Fete has me raiding my In Laws Liquor cabinet in hopes of creating this perfectly pink treat !

Dear Love Actually Fanatics, Christmas might officially be over, but I feel like I have at least a good week left of socially acceptable Love Actually viewing.  If you aren’t still in the Love Actually mood, I dare you to take a look at this Here’s What The Cast Of “Love Actually” Looks Like Now on Buzzfeed and tell me  you aren’t running for the TV

Dear Beach Bums, Even though I have been screaming from Ajax mountain how much I love the snow. I will always be an LA girl from a tiny beach town. This Venice Beach home tour found over at lonny.com has me really really excited for my January trip back home. The amazing shopping of Abbot Kinney is so close I can touch it!

Dear DYI Queens, Now that Christmas is officially over I have my mind set on ringing in the new year in the most fabulous way possible… now the location of that glamorous count down is still up for debate stay in or go out? These 32 Sparkling DYI Decoration Ideas has me leaning towards a night in for 2… well 2 + fur babes



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