London Calling: Our London Recap

London Recap- All About The Details-9

 London has always been a fascinating city for me. Growing up, my Grandma would tell me stories of her beloved and ,oh so bad ass, British Grandmother. She left London after the plague took her family from her determined to make a life for herself in America. .. and a life she made… even if it meant bootlegging alcohol during prohibition. In college, I studied British literature and dreamt of obtaining my PhD and teaching Dickinson, Wolfe, Mary Shelley, and the Bronte sisters until I retired to some remote countryside to live out the rest of my days. Needless to say, I was giddy with excitement on the train from Paris to London. With no plans other than to soak in every moment that I could. – I know how very unlike my type A planning self. Let me tell you, this magical city did not disappoint.

 I fell in love with everything about London. The history juxtaposed so perfectly with the modernization of a bustling economy. The local pub on every corner. The food, yes I said the food… I am a girl who loves her some carbs. Harrods. But what I fell most in love with were the people. The people of London, so welcoming, so proud of their city, and so in love with a good glass of booze     (I mean hello I am the queen of the thirsty Thursday). No other city that I have traveled to, have I felt so connected, so at home. Since being back in America, there has been more than one occasion we talk of packing up the pubs and trading our lives stateside for the mean streets of London. Until we become brave enough to move our entire life overseas, we will cherish the memories made in London… especially those ones we can’t remember with new friends made at  The Marquis of Westminster.

Here are a few of my fun snap shots from the Trip

London Recap- All About The Details-4

London Recap- All About The Details-5

{ Such a monumental spot for Literary History}

London Recap- All About The Details-6 London Recap- All About The Details-8

 { Fighting the madness that is Buckingham Palace }

London Recap- All About The Details-1Wanderlust or bust


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