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life lately

I know I have been MIA again.. I can explain really… It’s not you it’s me. The remodel has come to that point where we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so close yet just a smidge unattainable. Thank God my Grandparents made the drive out from CA to CO their truck loaded with tools with the intension of teaching Gracis the art of electrical work. Teach my Papa did and I officially have gorgeous new fixtures replacing all of that God awful monkey brass. The horrible bronco orange flooring tile has been updated to a sexy grey. Powder room updates checked off the list. Just a few more paint touch ups and we are ready to go.

With the house being so close it’s time that I really face the music. The remodel has really been a way for me to immerse myself in something that is wholly distracting from some things looming life. There are some big changes that need to happen. Things that I have now realized are taking away from me being the best version of myself. Even though I know that things need to change it’s always difficult taking that leap of faith. Cryptic I know, but that’s all you get for now



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