Lessons Learned in Remodeling

DP_Fiorella-Design-White-Kitchen-Sink-Island_s3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.1707Patience is a virtue , we have heard it a million times before. As children our parents attempt to teach us this among many other virtues that will build us into outstanding citizens, but if we are being honest here I never really caught on to that whole patience one. It’s not that I don’t love the idea of being patience, it’s just it has never been my thing. It’s not to say I have not tried to hone in this weakness of mine, it’s just the obsessive type A perfectionist weirdo always seems to win out. Owning a house, and a fixer upper to add, is a bit of a masochistic experiment for people like me.

A remodel will be fun they said. A remodel will bring you and Gracis closer they said. A remodel will allow you a creative outlet they said. A remodel will help you take pride in your new investment they said. Well, they all lied. I currently feel like I am about 41 weeks pregnant and I have been in labor for a week trying to birth this gorgeous little being but no matter how much I push nothing happens except that excruciating feeling of your body about to split in half ( considering I have never given birth I am borrowing the colorful description my best friend gave me after having my gorgeous niece ). My point ? I am tired. While my husband doing his super sexy construction worker thing is nice to look at,  this kitchen is not. I want this baby out in all of it’s hardwood and granite glory.

My kitchen in my mind’s eye has white cabinets, black counters, stainless steel… it’s pretty much a Pinterest cliche… I am aware

My kitchen currently has holes in walls. Dry wall on counters, Broken tile littering every imaginable surface. The stove is about a foot away from where a stove should be. But I can do this.. I will come out of this still standing and then I will laugh in the face of this stupid stupid virtue that is trying to break me.

Remodel or Bust….


Image Via: HGTV

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