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Few things are better than a weekend, but waking up in the mountains on Holiday weekend definitely lands on that short list. Gracis and I packed up the pups and made our way up to the mountains yesterday. We plan on spending our weekend doing nothing but relaxing, BBQ ing, and taking in the little town’s 4th of July parade.

Dear Brides, I officially want a wedding do over. Where do I start with this Romantic Gothic Wedding? Perfection, that is where I will start and end…pure perfection. The color palette, the rosary, and paper suite… holy wedding gods that paper suite.

Dear Money Matters, If I could tell my 18 year old self the things that my 26 year old self had to fight through because 18 year old Ash had to have those pair of shoes- well I wouldn’t have spent my early 20’s fixing the mistakes a teen made. These 7 money mistakes to avoid is so good. Regardless of if you are in the thick of paying off your mistakes, just getting the hang of the personal finance thing, or just need a little reminder for why you are living a frugal lifestyle… you won’t regret the 10 minutes it takes you to read this J

Dear Weekend Baking, These Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches could be just the ticket to satisfy my sweet tooth this weekend. When the 4th of July rolls around, I find myself longing for simpler food staples that are 100% American, and this simple treat fits that bill. This recipe is perfect for satisfying my childhood nostalgia with a gourmet twist. I especially love the minimal steps, since I will be whipping them up in Mama Gracis’ kitchen.

Dear Snappers, I used to be an early adapter when it came to fun new apps and technology – standing in line for iphones the day of the release was my thing. Those days are long gone, maybe it’s my age, or the plethora of things to do on my daily list but lately these days I will be more likely to be googling “how to use…” than being the 1st one to download it. This video will save my chrome history the embarrassment and might have taught me a trick or two

Happy Fourth!

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