{ Love Links } December 5th 2014


After the worlds most draining week, we finally made it to a weekend I have had my eyes set on for a while now. Gracis has planned a romantic getaway to Breckenridge for my impending 26th birthday celebration ( we might want to hold off on the obligatory happy bday wishes… 26 … it just seems so much older than 25 ) my bags ( yes I said bags ) are packed with heavy knitted sweaters , leggings, a few too many blanket scarves, and I am not so patiently waiting for the hubs to get off work and whisk me away for a magical celebration in the mountains. While I am having to exercise this patience thing ( not my favorite virtue) , I rounded up my favorite links I stumbled upon this week.

Dear Wanderlust, I scored a major deal on airfare to Paris and London for our one year anniversary next may. This where to eat in Paris guide has me wishing I could fast forward the next few months and be hand in hand with my Gracis the city of lights already!

Dear Christmas Treats, This Peppermint Ice Cream recipe from  the Pioneer Woman might be the perfect excuse to break out that Ice Cream Maker I HAD to have on my wedding registry … you know the one which hasn’t been used once in our 7 months of marriage ..

Dear Want to be Food Bloggers , This how to guide will make your foodie pics look like a pro – prepare for to be the #foodporn envy of all of you Instagram friends

Dear Kitchen Remodel – that can’t come soon enough, I am obsessed with the color gray case in point; my kitchen and living room walls.  And while I had my heart set on a perfect pristine white kitchen these 15 gorgeous gray kitchens have me re-thinking my previously planned Reno

Dear Single and ready to mingle; This new beard based dating app– I have no words- Ladies?

Dear Christmas Card Mailers, This Christmas Card meets pregnancy announcement just kicked all of our sweet little “Happy Holiday” mailers ass… it is pure perfection, but from Rachel would we expect anything less?



Image Via: Stick Boy Photos

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