How To Freeze Fresh Herbs

How To Freeze Fresh Herbs -allaboutthedetails-5

If you  have been following along at all lately, you might have picked up on my new gardening obsession ( see my perfect herb inspired cocktails here and here). I never thought I would be the gardening type… I mean I can’t keep a houseplant alive… but I am really really digging the almost instant gratification that this garden is giving me ( it might have something to do with our home being a never ending war zone of construction). So much gratification , that I can’t really keep up with the whole produce it is giving me. Since we don’t live in a place where I can grow these things year round * cough I miss LA cough* I have been looking at ways that I can keep my herbs alive all year long. My freezer is officially stocked with these fun herb cubes, so we can enjoy fresh herbs from the garden even when there is a 3 feet of snow on the ground. This is a great method even if you do not have a backyard garden but just over bought at the store.

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The pictures are pretty self explanatory but just in case… place your herbs in the ice cube trays, fill 1/2 way with either water or olive oil, allow to freeze for 24 hours, top off the cubes with either water or oil so that all of the herbs are submerged. Store and Freeze!

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