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I’d never thought I would see the day, but the downstairs remodel is just about done. Waiting for a few more details to be delivered, pillow covers , coffee table, art. You know the fun stuff. After 7 1/2 months of remodel hell. I have promised Gracis we will wait until after next year to start the next round aka our master bedroom and bathroom. Even though I have approximately 5 months before I can mention tile, fixtures, or accents without my husband seriously considering to divorce me I can’t help but start dreaming of our Master Bedroom overhaul.

If we have learned anything about my design aesthetic, understated would not be a word to describe it…. and with my love of all things over the top. I have found myself OBSESSED with wallpaper accent walls.

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{ I mean how could I not? PUPPY!}

Take a look at these walls and I dare you to tell me you aren’t feeling inspired ?

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Images Via: The Interior Collective // Eclectically Vintage // Camille Styles // Popsugar // Style Caster// Hygge & West 

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