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I don’t typically have buyers remorse, but once in a blue moon I feel long pains of regret for not purchasing something so perfect. On our honeymoon, I stumbled upon the most perfect pair of hand made leather loafers since they were a bit more than I would normally spend I opted to “think about it”. Well several bottles of wine and and early morning train to catch the next morning- I still find myself day dreaming about those damn shoes… a year and a half later.

In London, I stumbled upon a local rug shop that was going out of business, and there I found the most perfect pink Persian runner that I instantly knew would be perfect for how I envisioned our kitchen post remodel. With the close out discount, it was a steal, but I let Gracis – ever the realistic one – talk me into walking away “after all, we don’t even have the backsplash or colors finalized”. It has only been two months but that rug haunts me. I find myself day dreaming about it upon a perfectly new tile floor. While that particular rug might be the one who got away, these gorgeous images have me even more certain that a pink Persian rug in my newly renovated kitchen will be happening.

Persian Kitchen Rugs_ allaboutthedetails-1Kitchen Persian rug- all about the details

With our backsplash just about finished and the flooring picked out, I can’t help but start dreaming about and budgeting for my very own statement rug of my own. Currently I am obsessed with the Pari Rug from Lulu & Georgia… I know I know such a blogging cliche. But hey cliches happen for a reason right? They are just that good !  What do you guys think? Are you loving this kitchen rug trend as much as I am?


Images Via:Cantley and Company // AK Studio Blog //  Vanessa Francis 

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