{ Home Decor} Our DIY Staircase Remodel

Stairs Final

When Gracis and I walked into our house, there were so many things I loved about it. The staircase was not one of those love items. The outdated pine on pine, was not what I wanted to be the focal point when my guests opened the door… or when I opened the door for that matter. We bought this house excited about the potential that we could accomplish after we put in some hard labor, but after the better part of a year staring at this eye sore. I had had my fill. Armed with a pinterest board filled with staircase inspiration. Gracis and I headed to Home Depot, aka the usual Friday night date spot #marriedlife.

It took the better part of a week, and a whole lot of patience but I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. I felt like this was really the 1st time in our foray into the world of DIY remodel life that we accomplished something that we are really proud of. It gave us confidence and here we are taking on the kitchen … alone…. stay tuned for that one

Stairs DYI- Berore-1 Allaboutthedetails.com copy

{The original photos as posted on Trulia- I Know … I had my work cut out for me }

Stairs DYI - AllAboutthedetails.com

{Step One: Turn your house into the worlds biggest mess AKA construction zone.

Step Two: Sand like your life depends on it }

DYI Stair Case - primer- allaboutthedetails.com

{ Spindles are removed and the banister has been primed several times to give us a good base  coat for the black paint }

DYI Stair Case Remodel- Black- allaboutthedetails.com

{ By this step some of my nerves have been eased… maybe we can pull it off }

DYI Stair Case Remodel- Allaboutthedetails.com

{Spindles are almost in and the pups waste no time littering it with their toys}

DYI Stair Case

{Finished! Next up replacing the tile and carpet to hard wood)

What do you think? Not bad for a bit of primer, a half a gallon of black paint, and $200 worth of spindles now is it? Having a fixer upper has really taught me that with a little planning, and a bit of hard work creating your dream house doesn’t have to break the bank. What has been your favorite low cost change you have made to your house?


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