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I have a confession to make, transforming the Gracis household into Santa’s workshop almost didn’t happen. I don’t know what it was, the weekend after Thanksgiving I was ready – pumped to put away all things turkey and infuse green and red into each room. Then the week happened and then the month happened and I don’t know somewhere along the way I just lost the Christmas Spirit. Grant would ask when we were going to get our tree, and I would wonder what the point was- in truth we wouldn’t even be spending Christmas day at home. Then grant finally put his foot down, and I am so glad my elf of a Husband did. The moment the tree was sitting in our living room, was the moment I became re-energized with the Christmas Spirit.

 As we trimmed the tree, I began to feel really really stupid. This moment was the very thing that sold me on this house. I imagined this very Christmas, and those years down the road, yet I almost allowed life to get in the way and steal this joy from me.  Now that the stockings are hung and copious amounts of fake Santas and elves ( hey I wasn’t allowed to believe when I was little ) are scattered around the house I can’t help but shake my head at how silly I was being.

Christmas Home Tour-1-allaboutthedetails.com Christmas Home Tour-2-allaboutthedetails.com Christmas Home Tour-3-allaboutthedetails.com.jpg  Christmas Home Tour-4-allaboutthedetails.com.jpg Christmas Home Tour-6-allaboutthedetails.com.jpg Christmas Home Tour-7-allaboutthedetails.com.jpg Christmas Home Tour-8-allaboutthedetails.com.jpg Christmas Home Tour-9-allaboutthedetails.com.jpg

 What is your sure fire way to get you in the Holiday Spirit?



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