{ Home Decor } Backyard Remodel Inspiration

{ Home Decor } Backyard Remodel Inspiration 1

It might be it might be the insistent cold temperatures  Colorado has been experiencing, or maybe it’s the almost three weeks of seeing my backyard covered in several feet of snow- whatever that cause might be I have seriously been dreaming of a backyard make over. When we moved in last summer the last thing on my mind to remodel was the back yard- I mean hello, I had cabinets’ to refinish and walls to paint people! Now I sit here in an *almost* finished house and all I can think of is a summer backyard BBQ, complete with sangria, and puppies running around as the humans laugh over backyard games.  The only problem? Our backyard is in no condition to host any type of get together. Dead grass, mismatched rocks and gravel, laundry lines, compost piles, and garden boxes decorated with the previous owners hand painted masterpieces- needless to say I have some work ahead of me. Stringed Globe “Pinterest” lights, railroad tie and gravel walk ways, and rainbow colored hydrangeas are all dancing through my mind’s eye. Problem is, no one who has ever met me would ever pin me as having a green thumb… but that’s just a small detail.

{ Home Decor } Backyard Remodel Inspiration 2 { Home Decor } Backyard Remodel Inspiration 3Firestone Home ProductsUniversity Ave. Front Patio

These gorgeous backyards have me even more inspired to whip our outdoor disaster that is our backyard into an amazing outdoor living and entertaining space! Now if only I could get CO to reach a temp above 32…

 Images Via: The Haunted Interior // Better Homes and Gardens // Home Talk // TopInspired // TopInspired

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