High Tea at The Savoy

By now you know my feelings about the time we spent in Londontre. While it was all magical, there was one event that stands towering above the rest in my mind’s eye, High Tea at the Savoy. From the moment we arrived in London, I could not stop thinking about our reservation at the Thames Foyer. Weeks were spent searching for the perfect dress to wear to such a non American event… even more time was spent searching for the perfect head accessory. Since, I had made our reservation my 1st ( and if we are being real probably last) high tea experience consumed my thoughts and the real experience did not disappoint.

Tea at the Savoy is every little girls dream come true. As soon as we walked in I could not stop smiling. The little Ashley dressed in tulle and glitter, wearing plastic princess heels forcing her stuffed animals to have tea with her was giddy. The decor instantly transports you to another time period. The service is unlike anything I have ever experienced. The pastries are so beyond decadent ( and unlimited much to Gracis’ delight).  And the Tea, well even us Americans appreciated it .

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{Even though it wasn’t technically our anniversary, it was our anniversary trip! }

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 The icing on the cake was how much  Gracis really embraced this hair brained scheme of mine. My hunky hockey playing mountain man, watched in great delight as I doe eyed sipped on champagne, stuffed my face (with more carbs anyone should ever try and consume in a pair of Spanx ) and sipped on tea. He held my hand as I told him this was a dream come true. And he even told me he loved the rose I put on my head. Now this man is a keeper



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