Ten Minute Appetizers : Two Crostini Recipes

Allaboutthedetails.com Five Minute Appetizers - Two Crostini Recipes

I, like the rest of the blog o sphere, recently purchased Camille Styles Entertaining: Inspired Gatherings and Effortless Style. What’s that.. did I like it you ask? Oh you know, it showed up on my door step Saturday morning and by that evening I had read it page for page and had not moved from my comfy bed. Maybe read is the wrong term, in truth I attempted to absorb her fabulousness through osmosis page by page. Although I left my reading nook still little ole me, I walked away beyond inspired ( just you wait until tomorrow’s cocktail) to turn the most seemingness mundane day into something a little more fabulous. So while Gracis ran out to grab a growler or two of locally brewed beer for the Broncos game ( yeah we aren’t talking about that outcome ) I went to work to create some not so ordinary finger foods.

Allaboutthedetails.com Five Minute Appetizers - Two Crostini Recipes -2-

Adhering to Camille’s philosophy that there are only two rules for a Crostini, grill in a bit of olive oil and garlic that baby up, I started racking my brain for my favorite flavor combinations and these two delicious treats were born!

For the bruschetta Crostini 

Loaf of french bread – cut into about inch and a half pieces

4 Tomatoes diced


Your favorite brand of blue cheese

Balsamic Vingar

Olive Oil

Salt to taste

Prosciutto honey apple 

Loaf of french bread – cut into about inch and a half pieces

Goat cheese of your choice

1 Green apple – thinly sliced


Honey for drizzling

Cut French bread into desired width and place on a pan slightly oiled with olive oil. Sear both sides until it becomes golden brown. Remove the bread and lightly rub both sides with a piece of freshly cut garlic.

For the Bruschetta Crostini:

Dice the tomatoes and place into mixing bowl. Slightly coat the tomatoes with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and mix to ensure all tomatoes are evenly coated. Salt and Pepper to taste. Place about 2 large basil leaves on the base of your bread, from there add tomato mixture. Sprinkle with blue cheese and garnish with additional basil.

For Prosciutto Honey Apple Crostini

Using goat cheese that has come up to room temperature, smear the goat cheese on the previously seared bread. wrap two slices of apple with individually with Prosciutto and lightly place atop the goat cheese. Lightly drizzle with honey

allaboutthedetails.com Five Minute Appetizers - Two Crostini Recipes -3-

THAT IS IT ! In a matter of 10 minutes you can have drool worthy appetizers in a pinch !

The best part is that the flavor combinations are endless, and the presentation is drool worthy!


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