Fashion’s Not So Little Secret: Isharya Jewelry

Let’s just label this post as a confession of a shopaholic accessory edition, shall we? Isharya is one of those fashion secrets that I am about let you in on that will blow the mind of all my fellow star watchers.

I cannot tell you how many times I have stumbled upon a piece of jewelry worn on a red carpet or splashed across the pages of a tabloid that suddenly becomes a must have. Typically these fashion missions catapult me on a never ending search for the exact piece of jewelry, try as I may, and believe me I am amazing at online stalking and shopping… more often than not my search ends in bitter tears. The pieces have either disappeared faster than a bird flying through the Bermuda Triangle or they are about three zeros past where I draw the monetary line. My search with an Isharya piece I spotted on Vanessa Hudgens ( who I sometimes like to think of as my fashion spirit animal ) ended in happy tears. Not only have I become obsessed with how on trend their pieces are, I am also in awe of the timeless ascetic and wearability of their collections. Being on the wrong side of 21, I have began to forego my previous attempts to keep up with the latest and greatest trends opting for timeless classic pieces I can wear season after season, and Isharya fits that order perfectly. I adore that this pair of designers have been plastered all over magazines world wide and worn by more celebrities than we have Facebook friends, yet they are so accessible to us normal girls.

Even though we are quickly diving into fall, I can’t help myself with falling in love with the Orchid Goddess collection. Each piece of this collection features Pink Quartz encased in honeycomb settings. The color is perfect for adding a pop of color to the darker clothing I tend to gravitate towards at this time of year.

What do you guys think? Are you as obsessed as I am yet? Yep, I thought so, you’re welcome.



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