10 Things I have learned in my 26 years


Today marks my 26th birthday. There is something a bit relieving and terrifying about the number 26. I am officially closer to 30 than I am to 20. I have survived the financial hell that is graduating college and having to pay back your college loans…and somehow affording food. I have survive failed fashion attempts …. and come out with a new outlook on classic vs trend. I became a wife, and a dog mom ( twice). Yet I am still navigating this crazy road called life and at times feel like it resembles scenes of bridesmaids rather than my ideal.

  1. No one wants to fail, but you will. This failure will make you stronger. Through failure we become the person we were meant to be.  We aren’t meant to accomplish that 10 year goal sheet we wrote in college. We know nothing in college, who is to say that goal number 5 is even your own?  A person who never fails will never have the opportunity to realize what goals they truly want, what life they desire to live.
  2. Plan A doesn’t usually happen, but plan B and C are even better. You will not get your dream job, you might not even get your 3rd choice, but that is because you are falling into something even better. Life has a funny way of aligning itself in such a way to lead you to fulfill desires we do not initially know we have. I am so thankful that plan B lead me to my Gracis just a week after graduation.
  3. Your metabolism will slow down, your body will change. Even so you are beautiful. Eat well, exercise show your body love. Do not use words like fat and diets.
  4. Finances are hard. There will be times you have negative $200 in your bank account. There will be times you cry because the financial burden of student loans, car payments, car insurance, rent and food become too much on your entry level salary. There will come a time you pick up extra work maybe going as far as to serve tables after your 9-5. You are not weak,  you are not foolish, you are simply learning.
  5. When buying clothes think long term. One day you will get tired of Forever 21 falling apart after the 3rd wash. One day you will realize that buying that metallic shredded tank for Saturday’s party was a waste of your money. Purchase only things you cannot live without, and even then ask yourself will I still love wearing it in 5 years? If the answer is no, walk away. Classics will always trump trends
  6. Love is a choice. There will be a time you will look at your significant other and you will want to give up. The butterflies will not always be present, the infatuation will fade, but you will choose to love them. Love is a choice that you make every day, and in that choice we find a partnership so beautiful it brings back those butterflies
  7. It is about the Marriage not the wedding . Your wedding is your fairytale day, but do not be so blinded by the dress and food and photos to forget you are creating a family. Your spouse is not simply someone to hold a place in the photos – it is about the ever after.
  8. When it comes to friends it is about quality not quantity. People come and go from your life to teach you something. Do not hold on to people who do no longer teach you,  love you, challenge you, respect you, fight for you. The older we get the smaller our inner circle becomes do not taint it with anyone who does not fit. Cherish those who deserve it and release those who cause chaos.
  9. Life does not get easier, you become better at life. You will get promoted one day because you have become better at your job.  You will become financially stable because you have learned the hard way that money looks better in your bank account then in your closet. You will find a person you want to be with forever, and you will be successful because you have learned from your past mistakes. Life does not become easier, we simply become better. Enjoy the refining process that is leading you to this point.
  10. Work shouldn’t be your life it should be the vehicle to support your life. Go to work, work your ass off, and do your job well. But always remember It should never become the sole purpose of your life. It does not define you. It is merely a means of supporting those things that you find your worth in. Use your job as means of supporting your passion.



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